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wait, what is life coaching?

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Nice to see you here and that you are interested in the unique combination of Muay Thai and psychology.

Muay Thai Therapy is my passion and mission. I am convinced that we can all benefit from this approach and use it to comprehensively improve our well-being.

What is Muay Thai Therapy?

Muay Thai Therapy gives you the tools to balance your body, mind and soul.

Thanks to Muay Thai techniques and working with claws or on the punching bag, you will become physically healthier. At the same time, these activities allow you to access your emotions in a different way.

By addressing your challenges and patterns in a psychological coaching, we also improve your mental health.

A well-rounded experience!


The unique combination of Muay Thai and psychology allows you to:

  • Regulate emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Build self-confidence

  • Set boundaries

  • Strengthen resources

  • Increase fitness and physical well-being


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