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Duis dignissim mi ut laoreet mollis.

wait, what is life coaching?

In rhoncus ut odio in varius liquet porttitor an.


Doxa is an ancient Greek term that stands for opinion and belief as well as for shine and glory. doxxaFIT will help you form new opinions of yourself, strengthen your self-belief and let yourself shine.

doxxaFIT is the right fit for you, when you are…

… so busy working hard that you can't enjoy the yield of your hard work.

… on an emotional rollercoaster and feeling helpless.

… putting everyone’s needs before your own.

… looking for a physical and mental challenge that won't get boring.

Already curious?


doxxaFIT is here to serve you and your individual goals. The unique combination of Thaiboxing (Muay Thai) and Psychological Coaching will enable you to:

  • Release stress through movement

  • Rewrite limiting beliefs

  • (Re)build confidence

  • Recharge your batteries

  • Reflect past patterns & create new ones

  • Reprioritize & put YOURSELF first


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Muay Thai

Thaiboxing or Muay Thai truly is for everyone. The young, the old, the shy and the bold...

Psychological Coaching

Physical training is often the first step to improve your wellbeing...