Muay Thai Therapy Online

Would you like to balance your body and mind, reduce stress, gain self-confidence and recharge your batteries – independent of time and place?

Then Muay Thai Therapy Online is the right thing for you!

My videos will guide you through Muay Thai and strength training sessions. We train Muay Thai techniques such as kicks, punches, knees and elbows and perform bodyweight exercises to increase your general fitness and strength.

Also, you will receive videos of therapeutical Muay Thai exercises and reflection forms to work on your topics, challenges and emotions.

For personal consultations, you decide the type of communication and the rhythm: every 2 or 4 weeks we will meet for a personal coaching either via chat, phone or video call – you choose.




Workout videos = 30-45 minutes
1 coaching session = 50 minutes


CHF 333.- per month for Muay Thai Therapy Online with monthly coaching
CHF 666.- per month for Muay Thai Therapy Online with bi-weekly coaching

Book a suitable time slot for our non-binding initial consultation or send me your questions by email.