Muay Thai Therapy

Would you like to balance your body and mind, reduce stress, gain self-confidence and new energy and simply forget about everyday life?

Then Muay Thai Therapy is the right thing for you! Muay Thai is suitable for everyone: young, old, shy, brave and many more.

In Muay Thai Therapy I meet you where you are at. We train your whole body while you use kicks, punches, knees and elbows. During the breaks, we discuss your challenges in life, emotional issues and things you would like to change.

At the end of the training, you’ll leave feeling really good and positive – empowered, supported and confident.


My Body Toning Studio, Freiestrasse 23, 8032 Zurich


1 lesson = 1h


CHF 140.- per hour

To Bring

Comfortable sportswear, indoor shoes or non-slip socks, water bottle, if available: boxing gloves

Book a suitable time slot for our non-binding initial consultation or send me your questions by email.