doxxaFIT will help you taking that first step to make yourself and your health a priority. It's a safe space where you can allow yourself to grow.

True transformation happens when you include all parts and bring them into balance: physical, mental and emotional. doxxaFIT will support you to find your calm in the chaos.

Ready for your change?

My name is Lea Fürer

  • M.S. Psychologist (in the making)
  • Pro Muay Thai Fighter
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach

I juggled three jobs for years while training, cutting weight and competing in Muay Thai fights; while working hard towards high goals in my education. In these times I could always rely on my power and energy to push me through. Studying Psychology enabled me to recognize and rely also on my sensitive side, find true balance and happiness in a slower lifestyle. I'm passionate about helping you to find your calm in the chaos.